Great Sleep Calculator

In my first post I talked about getting rest as one of the key components for getting great skin. Stumbled across this site that could be handy:


Very useful! Saved.



The (Obvious) Steps to Taking Care of Your Skin

News flash: There is no magic potion. There are no quick and easy ways to get rid of a problem. And, yes, good skin can be hard work… but it can be the best hard work if you know what to do. It’s pretty much common sense to get clear (for the most part) skin.

  • Exfoliation

This is important, more than you’d think. A lot of people miss exfoliating when they clean their skin normally which is why you have layers of dead skin even after cleansing; it’s also a big reason why blackheads and white heads are still noticeable. Ancient people used to exfoliate with lactate (milk); Cleopatra would take milk baths to exfoliate her skin.

Now, I’m not saying get a jug of milk and go to town with it but there are a lot of products out there that offer exfoliation; stay away from the products that feel “sharp” because they may drag on your skin. Go for the more soft “bead” quality. My roommate Tina likes to use Origins exfoliate 1x a week on her nose which is blackhead prone. I have way too many to list on here for my own uses.

  • Sun protection

Picking a sunscreen is important because a lot of the products out there can clog your skin. For your body I wouldn’t worry about putting expensive product on it but your face reacts differently than your arms and legs, so getting a sunscreen with quality non-comedogenic ingredients is a must.

My favorite sunscreen I like to use on my skin is made by Skinceuticals because it feels so light on my face and I can put it underneath any make up I want.

  • Not going to bed with make up on (or anything clogging your pores)

My roommate Tina is absolutely terrible when it comes to this. Every day she complains about a new breakout and the first thing I ask her was, “Did you sleep with your make up on?” Her guilty face is the only answer I need.

Pro-tip: Too lazy or tired to wash your face? Use a baby wipe to get most of the product off. Another nifty way is to get witch hazel and water solution, get paper towels, and DIY your wipes by customizing what goes into it. HollyDayBeauty posted a DIY infographic for a great makeup remover wipe formula.

  • Hydration

The simple 8 glasses a day advice does work but keeping count and constantly refilling a glass can be a little tedious, especially when you’re distracted by other things. A big bottle of water, like a liter and a half (Smart Water and Arrowhead come in those sizes) can satisfy your needs perfectly. Also eating fruits and vegetables helps as well for little snacks because the water content in them is high.

  • Enough rest

Getting at least 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep can do wonders for more than baggy eyes. Putting an eye mask (silk/satin) helps.

  • Keeping up with a skin care routine

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. What good is buying all the magic potions in the world if you only use them once in a while? Cleansing the skin, hydrating it, and treating it are essential for good skin. You wouldn’t brush your teeth every few days, so why do that to your skin? Our largest organ needs cleaning every day and our faces need it more so because it’s exposed as much as our hands are.

  • Occasional maintenance by a professional (like myself)

Yes, even estheticians are necessary are a certain point. It may seem like an overinflated cost to go see someone just to “pick at your skin” or slather lotion on your face, but trust me, a good esthetician sees what the untrained eye doesn’t. I see ingrown hairs and deep set agitations; I can diagnose skin by seeing which areas need what; I can even recommend alternatives to whatever skin care routine you’re using now…. a good skin care specialist worth their salt is like a family doctor (but just for your face!)

Even seeing a professional once every few months makes a difference so it’s important to find someone you have a connection with that you trust with your skin.